Meet the Author of Drain and Rinse

Opening a can of wonderfulness

Hi! My name is Ludivine Olivier-Legault. I live in Merde-sur-le-Beignet, Quebec. I have loved opening cans of vegetables, pasta, legumes, and what-have-you for years, but things were different when I was a child growing up in my mother’s kitchen; I literally grew up in a kitchen because my mother wouldn’t let me out of it until I was an adult! Drain and Rinse is my recipe journal, and I hope it brings as much joy and wonderment and delicious days for you as it has for me!


Our family used to spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing fresh, healthy, hyper-local, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, ethical, clean, morally positive, non-colonial food together. It was a lot of work! Mom was usually in charge of trading and bartering among other like-minded people and Dad would sit in the living room smoking a Cohiba and drinking a Labatt Blue, while me and my brother Loutid would clean and chop and prepare all the delicious ingredients for every meal. We’d all contribute to the cooking, including and up to when Dad would stroll into the kitchen, taste whatever amazing dish we’d been working on all afternoon, and declare that it was “pretty good, but needs a dash of salt and pepper!” Oh, Dad!


It was this upbringing that led me to develop Drain and Rinse; my childhood memories of lovingly preparing meals from scratch taught me that life’s too short for all that garbage. There’s cans of food on every store shelf, ready to eat! So let’s celebrate the wholesome goodness that the modern economy has gifted us with, open a can, drain, and rinse! You’ll be amazed by what you can create simply by opening a little tin of shelf-stable food and running water over it.